To ensure that you receive the best experience possible please observe the FAQ'S so you know what to expect during your visit. 

Q: What is the cancellation policy? 
A: While your business is greatly appreciated please allow a 12 hour notice of any reschedule or cancellation to prevent 50% service charge. 

Q: What if I'm running late? 
A: Things happen. I encourage a phone call if something arises. However if more than 15 minutes late please reschedule for a later date to ensure everyone has the best experience possible. No one likes a rushed service. 

Q: Why should I sign a waiver before chemical service? 
A: Your safety is my priority however it is your responsibility to inform me of any allergies or previous reactions to any chemical. The waiver is simply stating that I will not be held responsible should any complications arise.

Q: Do you have a referral program? 
A: I am always accepting new clients and I'm thrilled to have your referral. I am thrilled to have your referral. Please inquire within for details.